Solaris x86 2.6 + Wangtek 5525 probs

Solaris x86 2.6 + Wangtek 5525 probs

Post by Rick Cald » Fri, 12 Dec 1997 04:00:00

        I've been having trouble reading tapes on my system that have been
made on other Wangtek 5525 drives.  When running Unixware, there were no
problems reading the other systems tapes, so I know that the hardware is ok.

        Now, on Solaris x86 2.6, I can't even read tapes made on another
Solaris x86 2.6 system.  The error is :

        Error for Command: read                    Error Level: Fatal
        Requested Block: 0                         Error Block: 0
        Vendor: WANGTEK                            Serial Number:            
        Sense Key: No Additional Sense
        ASC: 0x0 (no additional sense info), ASCQ: 0x0, FRU: 0x0
        Incorrect Length Indicator Set

        I'm trying to use 'cpio -ictB -I /dev/rmt/1h' with DC6525 tapes,
but different blocking factors, and different device nodes produce the
same thing.  I've also tried tar and dd.  Also, DC150 tapes on /dev/rmt/1l.

        mtinfo for my system shows :

mtinfo V2.2 05-Nov-97
Type                : 0x16       Wangtek QIC-150
Status              : 0
Error               : 6
Residual Count      : 0
FileNo curr. Pos.   : 0
BlokNo curr. Pos.   : 0
Flags               : 0x5
Opt. Blocking Factor: 126
Name               :Wangtek 5525ES SCSI
VID                :WANGTEK 5525ES SCSI
Type               :0x16
BlockSize          :512
Options            :0x66a
                  ST_BSF        (0x8)
           ST_LONG_ERASE        (0x20)
        ST_AUTODEN_OVERRIDE     (0x40)
            ST_KNOWS_EOD        (0x200)
                  ST_QIC        (0x2)
           ST_UNLOADABLE        (0x400)
Max read Retries   :400
Max. write Retries :400
Densities          :0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00
Default density    :8 (1)
Speeds             :0,0,0,0

/kernel/drv/st.conf entry:

tape-config-list =
        "WANGTEK 5525ES SCSI","Wangtek 5525ES SCSI","tape-data";
        tape-data = 1,0x16,512,0x66a,4,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,1;

Density bytes used by device entry:

/dev/rmt/1   major=129 minor=266 density=1 density byte=0x00
/dev/rmt/1l  major=129 minor=258 density=0 density byte=0x00
/dev/rmt/1m  major=129 minor=266 density=1 density byte=0x00
/dev/rmt/1h  major=129 minor=274 density=2 density byte=0x00
/dev/rmt/1c  major=129 minor=282 density=3 density byte=0x00
/dev/rmt/1u  major=129 minor=282 density=3 density byte=0x00

                Any ideas ??

                thanks in advance.


                            Rick Calder, NCR Corp


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