Swapping an 18GB disk from an Ultra 1 to an Ultra 60

Swapping an 18GB disk from an Ultra 1 to an Ultra 60

Post by Stefaan A Eecke » Fri, 14 Sep 2001 16:50:59


I've an Ultra 1 with an 18GB boot disk, which works flawlessly.
I'd like to put that disk in an Ultra 60 I just acquired, so
that I don't have to re-install all the stuff running on the
I tried to boot the U60 off the U1's disk, and got a "trap 3e"
followed by "ok" from the OBP. Issuing the "boot -r" command
boots the OS (in 64-bit mode), but I get a lot of errors (like
hme not found, disk slices not found) and finally a message
that the system can't fsck the root slice, and that I should
do it manually. I can boot into single user mode by giving
the root password.

After this experience, I put the disk back into the U1, and
it booted without an error.

Now the $64k question(s):
Is it possible to transplant a boot disk from an SBUS to a
PCI system?
If so, how can I get the system to recognize that all the
devices have migrated to PCI, as it seems that the "boot -r"
fails to recreate the "/devices" and "/dev" directories.

Thanks a lot,

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