Solaris Answerbook

Solaris Answerbook

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I am trying to group a number of PostScript files together and add them as
a new entry in the answerbook. Having looked at the underlying
file/directory structure for the answerbook entries that are already there
I have concluded that I need some tools to create the files for the
'index' and 'toc' (table of contents) directories. I would be grateful if
someone could point me to a starting point/address to help me with my

Stavros Fotiadis

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1. Solaris answerbooks on remote platform

Hi all,

Does anyone know how to display Solaris Answerbooks on a remote platform
of a different brand? We have Linux PCs and SGI workstations, but
neither works. On the Linux machines, windows open nicely, buttons work
nicely, but as soon as some answerbook text has to be displayed, we get
error messages like:
|Could not start docviewer
|Could not initialize canvas
|Could not create DPS context
|Is Adobe Display Postscript running?
|See printed Answerbook documentation for further information.
|Adobe Display Postscript
Apparently, we don't have the right DPS installed. We couldn't find it
anywhere yet.
On the SGI machines, the windows don't even open and we get messages:
|Starting AnswerBook Navigator...XView warning: Cannot load font set
|'-b&h-lucida-medium-r-normal-sans-*-120-*-*-*-*-*-*' (Font package)
|XView warning: Unable to open default font set
|XView error: Cannot open connection to window server:
|(Server package)
So, we need XView there. Couldn't find that either. I know that a
Solaris FAQ tells that ghostscript can sometimes be a replacement for
Adobe DPS, but we couldn't get that installed properly on the Solaris
machine (using gnu compilers at the moment, we're waiting for Solaris
compilers). And, on top of that, we don't know where to tell the
Answerbooks to use ghostscript.

Any help?
Thanks a lot in advance.

Ronald Gelten

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