Performance of Solaris 2.4 on x86 vs SPARC

Performance of Solaris 2.4 on x86 vs SPARC

Post by Steve Smi » Thu, 26 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Does anyone have any figures or benchmarks on the relative performance
of Sloaris 2.4 on various x86 architectures, i.e. 386/486/Pentium, etc
also aginst various Sun platforms, i.e. Sparc 5/10/20, 1 or 2
processors, etc. All that Sun will give me is Specmarks of processors
but these are no real world comparitive test.

Any info is greatly appreciated.




1. Evaluation pointers: x86-Solaris vs x86-NT vs SPARC-Solaris

We are trying to come up with a division-wide standard for workstations
(a mix of engineering applications as well as office-productivity apps).
We realize that we will always need high-end UNIX workstations for
visualization, CFD, CAE, etc....this standard is for the middle-of-the
road requirements.  The choice has boiled down to that specified in
the subject line.

Can anybody point me to web pages, ftp-sites, etc where I can find
info  (honest-to-god evaluations, opinions, reports, benchmark results)
on the above subject?  

If you have experiences (maybe opinions as well) please let me know.  This
has the potential of quickly degenerating into a long UNIX-machine vs PC
battle (I'm a long time Sun fan)....BUT I'D LIKE TO FOCUS ON ISSUES LIKE
performance, capability, drawbacks, cost. etc.



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