UNIX Internet SA's in D.C. -- 4 Day Work Week

UNIX Internet SA's in D.C. -- 4 Day Work Week

Post by Bridget Regensk » Tue, 16 Mar 1999 04:00:00

** UNIX Internet System Administrators **

I have a few positions still available for UNIX Internet SA's that need
to be filled quickly because of recent expansion. If you or someone you
know would be interested in the Washington DC area, please email me.

Here is a brief description:

Description:  Company outside of Washington DC seeks an UNIX Internet
System Admin. Responsibilities can include: supporting the customer
troubleticket system, supporting configuration, installation,
maintenance, and repair of all UNIX server machines, providing
second-level technical support and troubleshooting of HW, SW, and
network problems in a Sun Internet server facility. Environment consists
of 600 UNIX servers on Sun (Legacy to 6500) Hardware. 1000 Internet
servers. Shift work is required.

Perks: Work at this company and receive a yearly 20% bonus split up over
4 quarters, work a 4 day work week, attend 2 weeks of Sun Educational
training plus new software training when necessary.

Requirements:  Solid understanding of the Internet (Netscape or
Apache), 2-4 years UNIX SA experience with emphasis on
SunOS/Solaris servers, installation experience preferred.

I also have a high level SA position available... 5+ years experience in
System Admin... Netscape Enterprise Server or Apache WebServer
experience, DNS...

Bridget Regenski
Winnertech Consulting
732-758-9500 (day phone)
732-450-1796 (evening phone)
732-758-9503 (fax)



UNIX Internet SA's in D.C. -- 4 Day Work Week

Post by Robert B. Kast » Tue, 16 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Quote:> 1000 Internet servers.

Yeah, right...

Opinions expressed herein are my own and may not represent those of my employer.


1. determine throughput from LAN to Internet, Durchsatz vom LAN ins Internet berechnen


Does anyone have a program (or a link to a program) which determines
(under LINUX) how much a single computer in a network
downloads/uploads to/from the intenet?
In particular:
I have a linux-router connected to the internet (ppp0) and also
connected to a local LAN(ethX). Now I want to know, which of the Nodes
(connected to the internal LAN) consume how much throughput (in MB or
KB) to the Internet (extern WAN). Upload and download. Until now all
is done via 'iptables', working (masquerading).

THX for any help.


Kennt jemand ein Programm (oder den Link zu einem Programm) welches
unter LINUX feststellt, welcher lokale Rechner wie viel vom Internet
Genau gesagt:
Ich habe einen LUNUX-router, welcher zum Internet (ppp0) als auch zum
internen LAN (eht0) verbunden ist. Jetzt m?chte ich wissen, wie viel
jeder einzelne Rechner im LAN vom Internet ladet bzw. wie viel jeder
einzelne Rechner ins Internet uploadet. Bis jetz funktioniert alles
ber die IPTABLES und es funktioniert (MASQUERADING).

Danke fr jede Hilfe.

Cheers, Kuge

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