Pop-up menu in X Windows - terminal session.

Pop-up menu in X Windows - terminal session.

Post by Catalin Ghergh » Sun, 28 Oct 2001 04:26:47

I am using Exceed to connect to a Solaris server, using
the full X Windows graphics configuration - it looks exactly
like you are on a Sun station. Unfortunately it does not
feel exactly the same, since the special keyboard buttons
from the Sun keyboard don't exist on the PC keyboard.

In order to get a shell window one clicks the mouse right
button and gets a pop-up menu from which you can start a
terminal session.

Does anybody know how to get that menu from a keyboard shortcut?
Or even better, how to get a shell window using a keyboard shortcut?



1. put User Menu in a mouse pop-up menu in Gnome/Enlightenment?


I am a relatively new Linux user (RedHat 6.2) and am trying to
customize Gnome/Enlightenment.  I have put applications want in the
User Menu (~/.gnome/apps), but I would like that menu to pop up within
the menu that comes up with a middle or right mouse button click.  I
cannot figure out how to do it.  Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Brian Flaherty

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