installing fonts

installing fonts

Post by Maurizio Pales » Fri, 21 Jan 2000 04:00:00

How I can install .pfb fonts on Solaris 7?

Thanks in advance.


1. installing fonts/nexus font w/enlightenment

I am trying to get the window manager "Enlightenment" going.  It starts up
fine, but nothing involving fonts will come up.  Everything is told to use
the "nexus" font, which I did install, but I get errors that it can't find
the font:

[GetFontOrFixed]: WARNING -- can't get font nexus, trying 'fixed'[GetFontOr
Fixed]: WARNING -- can't get font nexus, trying 'fixed'rxvt: can't resolve
symbol 'snprintf

Anyone have any clues as to what this means?  I guess I didn't do something
when installing the font?

Please respond through email.  Thanks!



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