JetDirect local spooler

JetDirect local spooler

Post by Dusty W. Sand » Sat, 20 May 1995 04:00:00

I am trying to set up a print server on a Solaris 2.3 systems to
        handle JetDirect printers.  I was able to setup the printers using
        "jetadmin".  I have no problems printing locally to the printers,
        but whenever I try to print from other systems to the same printers
        I get the following message returned:

                Your printer job (/home/dusty/
                could not be printed.

                Reason for failure:

                UX: lpd: ERROR: Received unexpected status 7 in a reply form the
                                LP print service.
                        TO FIX: It's likely there is an error in this
                                software.  Please get help from you
                                system administrator.

        Anyone seen this before?