Ingres 1.2 on solaris2.5 SPARC10 netutil problems

Ingres 1.2 on solaris2.5 SPARC10 netutil problems

Post by Raymund Varg » Tue, 27 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Hi all!!!

Unpredictably (of course) the sparc10 with the ingres 1.2
server apparently becomes unstable with respect to Ingres
utilities.  Most notably, the Netutil utility fails to run
on any client or on the server itself and ends up segfaulting and
coredumps.  Using DBX, the trace, according to ingres tech
guys indicates a memory allocation problem (or some system
resource problem).  Accdg to them, the utility hasn't changed
in many years.  And they NEVER get bug calls for this.  Anyways,
the problem does go away if we restart/reboot the server hardware.  
Similar problems occur with other Ingres utilities
(accessdb and so on..).  This problem just pops up whenever it
wants and not all the time...

Is anyone else getting this same problem?  Can someone else provide
better pointers/howtos than the ingres tech guys?
Please pardon me if i am a little too vague above...I am trying
to explain what our Ingres DBA explained to me...

Also, we seem to be 'slower' in ingres12 on solaris2.5 than
ingres64 on sunos4.1.3.  Could this be related to the memory
allocation problem above?

thank you




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