Solaris Workshop C Compiler

Solaris Workshop C Compiler

Post by Thomas D » Tue, 14 Aug 2001 17:39:48

hallo, ich suche den Workshop C++ Compiler fr Solaris, wer hat diesen
und wrde den evtl. verkaufen ??

mfg Thomas


1. compiler warnings going from WorkShop 4.2 to WorkShop 6 update 1

We are in the process of re-compiling our programs using WorkShop 6
update 1 and I keep getting a lot of annoying warning messages.  One

"String literal converted to char* in initialization"

and others are complaining about function pointers as arguments to
functions, like for signal, thr_create, and atexit.  A typical warning

Warning (Anachronism): Formal argument 2 or type extern "C"
void(*)(int) in call to std::signal(int, extern "C" void (*)(int)) is
being passed void(*)(int).

The calls are being made in a C++ program.

Is there anyway to correct this warnings?  I used the "-w" option for
the compiler to silence the string literal warnings, but I am afraid
it is silencing other warnings as well.  I am assuming that the
"extern C" warning is coming up because it is a C++ program.  I know
they are just warnings, but I like to have clean compiles.  Any help
would be greatly appreciated.

       -Diana Coppenbarger
       Lead Programmer/Analyst
       University of Rochester
          Laboratory for Laser Energetics

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