Solaris UUCP <-> Taylor UUCP

Solaris UUCP <-> Taylor UUCP

Post by Janne Himan » Tue, 22 Feb 1994 21:26:30

I am trying to get Solaris 2.3 UUCP to work with Taylor UUCP 1.04. For
a little while it received OK but couldn't send, but now nothing
works. This is what it does: I start uucico in my Linux machine, it
calls the Sparc, logs in successfully, negotiates protocol OK (G, 64
byte packets and 7 windows) and then hangs. The Linux uucico keeps
resending until it times out. The Sparc uucico reports nothing special
to the logs, it just says timed out. tip and cu work OK between these
machines. I suspect it is a parity problem: Linux UUCP is 8 bit, no
parity, and Sparc is even parity. Also, in the serial communications
FAQ for Solaris, the writer said there is a bug in Solaris hardware
flow control so that it only works in one direction. So, should I use
crtscts or what? The Sparc modem is 9600 bps Multitech and the Linux
modem is 1200 bps Nokia.

I have a well-working UUCP connection between two Linux machines with
Taylor UUCP in both of them. I feel tempted to install Taylor UUCP in
the Sparc. Is this doable and feasible? Taylor UUCP seems a lot nicer
than the Solaris version.

Janne Himanka

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Solaris UUCP <-> Taylor UUCP

Post by Wesley Kranitz x7-44 » Wed, 23 Feb 1994 04:21:28

: I am trying to get Solaris 2.3 UUCP to work with Taylor UUCP 1.04. For
: [...]


I'm also having problems except I'm using Taylor on Coherent. My feed
site uses Solaris UUCP. Since switching to taylor, I get lots of error
timeouts and retrys. The biggest error being reported is "order" errors
(lots of them), but other eoors also happen. This didn't happen before
until I upgraded to Taylor.

Anybody have any idea on what's happening.



Solaris UUCP <-> Taylor UUCP

Post by Janne Himan » Sat, 05 Mar 1994 16:24:57

All right, the Solaris <-> Linux UUCP is working just fine now. The
only problem it had was that the Multitech modem was too smart for me,
and though I thought I had set it up for hardware flow control, it
resorted to XON/XOFF if compression wasn't used.

FYI, I have sendmail 8.6.6Beta9 at both ends, and it's now working
beautifully! The new sendmail is great because it lets you use
domainized addresses in headers and envelopes if you wish. No more
bang paths! Though I must admit that bang paths have some arcane
appeal. It's an utter delight to throw an address like
ousrvr!syy!waghdas!ghadis!shem at some X.400 guru.


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