Web Chat: Solstice(TM) Enterprise Manager(TM) 2.1

Web Chat: Solstice(TM) Enterprise Manager(TM) 2.1

Post by Melissa Bru » Thu, 20 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Mark your calendars:

Date:    Tuesday, November 25th
Time:    12:00 Noon Pacific Time

URL:     http://www.sun.com/developers/chat.html

Tune in on Tuesday, 25 November 1997, to talk with Sun engineers about
Solstice(TM) Enterprise Manager(TM) 2.1; the latest version of
InfoWorld's 1996 Network Product of the Year winner.

Solstice Enterprise Manager allows for the central monitoring of local
and distributed network devices from single or multiple consoles. The
product manages SNMP, Common Management Information Protocol, and
Remote Procedure Call agents throughout your network. If you'd like
to read more about Solstice Enterprise Manager before the chat, please
see http://www.sun.com/sem/.

Note: You must have a Java-enabled browser to participate in the Chat
and you may experience difficulties if you are behind certain

If you have a question about this topic, but won't be able to tune into

later* than 24 hours prior to the chat. Your questions will either be
answered during the chat (time permitting) or included in the
transcript.  Chat transcripts are posted to the archive
(www.sun.com/developers/chatarchive.html) a few days after the chat.

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