chrooted ftpd

chrooted ftpd

Post by MokaMik » Sat, 01 Aug 1998 04:00:00


I'd like to create a chrooted environment for users came in with ftp.
I've got wu-ftpd and Solaris 2.6

My problem is that the ls command is missing.
Can anyone tell me how to build a statically linked ls ?

Or should I copy /bin/ls, /usr/lib/ and, etc to the
chrooted area ?
If so what to do with /dev/tcp and /dev/zero ?
shoul dI make a symlink to them or sholud I do a
cp /dev/tcp ~ftp/dev.....?

Please help.

I tried to make a statically built ls from the GNU fileutils-3.16
But when I logged is from my Linux box, I could not see anything whwn I
did an ls
But from Vindoze's DOS prompt I could......



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I need to setup a password-protected account that will be used for ftp
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access to a subtree of the filesystem defined by me.

The stock ftpd will handle a chroot for the ftp and anonymous users, but
that is not acceptable in my case because I need password controlled access
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Is there a way to create a "normal" user account, and have it only be able
to access a defined subtree when logged in via ftp?

Ryan Koski

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