Identifying different Solaris releases and platforms

Identifying different Solaris releases and platforms

Post by Andrew Gabri » Tue, 24 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I am writing a shell script which is intended to be run on
different releases and platforms of Solaris 2, where file
locations vary according to both release and platform.
I only have access to Solaris sparc 2.3 and Solaris x86 2.4
and 2.5.

It would be useful for me to know what is returned by the
following command on other release/platform combinations
(particularly Solaris 2.5.1).

uname -a; uname -r; uname -p; uname -m; uname -i

(BTW, uname -i seems not to exist before 2.5 on x86, and
probably same on other platforms too.)




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I have an Axil 220 and a Sun IPC, both running Solaris 2.5. When I try
to boot the Sun IPC using the Axil systemdisk I got "panic: :
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I have copied sun4c kernel-files and platform-file to the Axil
systemdisk before booting the Sun IPC.

All hints and advices are welcome.

Ivan Skoglund

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