Output Filters for lpsched?

Output Filters for lpsched?

Post by Integrated Solutions In » Thu, 08 Sep 1994 06:13:28

I'm currently writing an outfilter to take jobs from the lpscheduler and print them on
a highspeed laser printer(s) (IBM Channel type).  However, the error handler is giving
me fits.  If the device cannot be attached i.e., printer is offline or turned off.  The
current job is removed from the queue.  I've created the queue as such:
        lpadmin -p btprt -ibtccOutput -v/dev/btcc00 -F wait <cr>
I'll submit several jobs to the queue and when the error occurs the first job is blown
away and the queue is disabled.  My exit code is 129 as defined in the
/etc/lp/model/standard script.  My question is "how can I keep the current job on the
queue without implementing a very crude redirection of the original print request ?"

Any assistance would be grealty appreciated at this point....

Bill Sanders
Integrated Solutions, Inc.
Carrollton, Texas


1. Solaris 2.4 lpsched does not call filter for jobs from OS/2 client


I have a computer with OS/2 3.0 Warp + TCP/IP package and SUN
SPARCstation (Solaris 2.4) as a print server.  I wrote cool filter for
converting many kinds of data (text, binary and PS) to
printer-specific format (Canon BJC 4550).  Binary mode is designed for
compatibility with MS Word for Windows.  So I could print any doc from
PC as on local printer.  All worked O.K., I was upgrading filter
step-by-step and stored all stages under version control system.

Recently I met the problem: data that had been sended from PC were not
printed.  I solved that this is a bug in my filter and changed it to
old stable version.  But nothing worked!  Then I set "echo mark
filter was not called at all!  In /var/lp/logs/requests I found next
typical record about failed jobs:

= bjc4550-992, uid 60003, gid 60003, size 66834, Tue Nov 25 14:29:11 EET 1997
z bjc4550
C 1
D bjc4550
F /var/spool/lp/tmp/mariner/992-1
O nofilebreak flist=' (null):66834 '
P 20
T (null)\n#####\n#####\t\t
Y catv_filter
t simple
U mariner!garry
s 0x0100
v 0

It differs slightly from usual local-job record:

= bjc4550-221, uid 206, gid 1, size 400033, Mon Nov 24 17:55:49 EET 1997
z bjc4550
C 1
D bjc4550
F /home/vlad/538-1
P 20
T /home/vlad/538-1
t simple
U vlad
s 0x0010
v 2

I found no error messages in console or by mail, so I don't know what
is the problem.  Additional info:

1) TCP/IP connection is OK.

2) Job itself spooled well to local /var/spool/lp/tmp/mariner/ and
until start of printing through filter it's displayed by lpstat as
queued one.

3) When "foreign" job is starting to print, it disappears without any

4) All local jobs are printed well.

Any suggestions???

Many thanks for any reply or answer to newsgroup.

Vladimir L. Eliseev
Moscow State Technical University             E-Mail: vlad nagroup.msk.ru
Central Geophysical Expedition                Phone: (095)192-8135 office

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