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I'm posting this on behalf of the Solaris Sales Development Manager.

My apologies in advance for all those outside of the US.
This is a trial program being run first in US.  If it works
here, I believe there are plans to run it outside the US.

If you want a copy of Solaris X86 for a free 60 day evaluation
period, call: 1-800-SUNSOFT, prompt 1, and ask for a Try-&-Buy.


        60-Day Free Trial of Solaris 2.5 (Intel Platform Edition)

        MENLO PARK, Calif. -- March 4, 1996 -- SunSoft, Inc., the
Internet software company, today announced the "Solaris(tm) Try and Buy"
program, a 60-day, free evaluation program for the Solaris 2.5 (Intel
Platform Edition). Information technology professionals, value-added
resellers, systems integrators and computer manufacturers can now
evaluate the leading Internet operating environment, Solaris 2.5, at no
charge. The Solaris 2.5 products available under the new evaluation
program include: Solaris Internet Server, Solaris Application Server,
Solaris PC Administration Server and Solaris Desktop.

        Solaris is the most scalable, reliable, and secure software
operating environment designed for Internet servers, application
servers, PC administration servers, and high performance desktop
systems and workstations. The Solaris operating environment
infrastructure is a comprehensive foundation for developing, deploying,
and managing a company's mission critical business applications.

        "SunSoft has made it easy to evaluate, free of charge, a
commercial strength, Intel-based server solution for integrating,
managing and upgrading PC Workgroups" said David Spenhoff, director of
marketing, SunSoft Solaris Products Group, "We continue to provide
users a flexible operating environment to expand the power of their
networks from the client to the server."

        The following Solaris 2.5 product solutions are available within the
Solaris Try and Buy program:

* Solaris Internet Server - provides easy Internet access with secure,
        reliable web services for Netware and Windows users

* Solaris Application Server - the foundation for client/server and
        database applications for PC workgroups

* Solaris PC Administration Server - combines Solaris Application Server
        with PC-Admin LAN management utilities for managing large numbers
        of PCs from anywhere on the network

* Solaris Desktop - a high-performance desktop operating environment
        for developing and running business applications

        The SunSoft Solaris 2.5 Try and Buy program is now available in
North America. For more information please call 1-800-SUNSOFT (prompt 1)
or on the World Wide Web at in the
"What's Hot" section.



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