MD5 passwords + pam for 2.x: Where are they?

MD5 passwords + pam for 2.x: Where are they?

Post by Geoff Howlan » Sun, 24 Dec 2000 04:16:52

Been searching all over the web for the MD5 modules for PAM on solaris
and have come up with nothing.  The only thing semi-relevent I can find
on is some sample source code to programming with PAM.
However, Linux sites have tons of information and downloads for this.

Does anyone know where I can download source or binary for MD5 module
for PAM on Solaris 2.x?  (2.6 to 2.8)


-Geoff Howland


1. PAM and MD5 in Solaris?

So actually, I guess I need to to know if there's a PAM for Solaris to
understand the crap that Linux and BSD do with their MD5 password
hashing scheme..

Is there any way for Solaris to understand those passwords, or need I
turn off MD5 in Linux?

Thanks again..

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