weirdness with ypservers file on jumpstarted clients

weirdness with ypservers file on jumpstarted clients

Post by Griff Miller I » Thu, 20 Nov 1997 04:00:00

On machines built with Jumpstart (Solaris 2.6) we have observed an
unusual phenomenon. The file /var/yp/binding/`domainname`/ypservers
exists, even though we don't specify a server to bind to (we want
ypbind to run in -broadcast mode), and it contains gibberish, e.g.
''. That is one weird IP address if you ask
me. The first 4 numbers do correspond to the IP address of a slave,
but don't ask me what '2.178' comes from. Another example:

This causes all sort of weird problems. For example, a user will
call and complain that he cannot access files that he ought to
have access to. If you look at his output from the 'groups' command,
it will only list his primary group. But if you run 'groups username',
it will list them all. The solution to the problem is to
rm /var/yp/binding/`domainname`/ypservers, kill ypbind, and restart it
with -broadcast. Then all is well - 'groups' and 'groups username'
return all the groups to which username belongs - and ypbind is running
the way we want it to, with -broadcast. Since the ypservers file is
blown away, things still work the way we want after a reboot.

I'm going to recommend to our guy who handles the jumpstart stuff
to invoke 'rm -f /a/var/yp/binding/`domainname`/ypservers' post-jumpstart
as a workaround.

Anyone know what is causing this?

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