2.5.1 x86 & a NE2000 clone...

2.5.1 x86 & a NE2000 clone...

Post by Keyo » Sun, 23 Feb 1997 04:00:00

        I've been frantically trying to install x86 and get it to work with
my Linksys EtherPCI II Card, but to no avail.

        The card supports NE2000 'mode' though  due to it's funky I/O
address (scince it's PCI = 0x0000601) x86 doesn't wanna recognize it and I'm
unable to find anything ANYWHERE in eithe my BIOS or in the software
configuration program for the card that'll allow me to change this.

        The only other problem I've had with the software is the stupid
videocard/monitor options that x86 supports.

        I've got a Matrox Millinium PCI card, w/ 4MB, wich is great x86 has
that right there in the menu, but when I get to the monitor selection screen
I'm SOL. I'm running a 13" (not 15) display, and the monitor is ancient (+/-
4 years) it's a TVM MediaScan 4a+, I don't remember what the refresh rates
are exactly. I was (back in the days when I was unenlightnend) able to get
the monitor/videocard combination to work in Linux using either MetroX and

manually call a refresh when a window disappears or I type text onto the

        If anyone has any ideas on the above problems, I'd greatly
appreciate hearing them. Thanks.



1. Kernel 2.4.6 & NE2000 clones

Dual boot system, kernels 2.2.19 and 2.4.6.  Originally Slackware 7.1.

My 2.2.19 kernel has ne2000 support built-in.  I've been using the same card
at 0x360,10 since kernel 1.3.18.  Recently I added an identical card at
0x320,12 and am using the box as a router/firewall for RoadRunner.

Works great on 2.2.19.  Used to work great on 2.0.35.  Never had any
problems.  I know I should leave well enough alone, but I figure since
"they" changed ip forwading and masqing **YET AGAIN** it must be good since
the third time is ALWAYS the charm.


It turns out 2.4.6 only supports ONE card when the driver is compiled into
the kernel (found this out the hard way - BY READING THE DOCS).  Damn shame.
I never had any luck back when modules were shiny and new, so I always
compiled ne2000 support into the kernel.  Now I have no choice (like those
poor bastard Windoze userz).

The 2.4.6 kernel will only detect the card at 0x320,12.

There is no parallel port in the system at all, so no conflict with io=0x360
(I learned that one back in 1995!).

Went through many, many newsgroup messages looking at the issue.  I have
tried many, many combinations of insmod, modprobe, /etc/modules.conf, etc.
to no avail.  It can only detect one NE2000.

Oddly enough this line:

#insmod ne io=0x320,0x360 irq=12,10

will discover eth0 at 0x320,12, while this line:

#insmod ne io=0x360,0x320 irq=10,12

will discover nothing at all.  Even if I cut the 0x320,12 card out of the
equation, this line

#insmod ne io=0x360 irq=10

fails to find the card!  It just "doesn't like" that io address.  I'd jumper
the card back to 0x300 or 0x340, but the box is buried and it's a pain to
crack the case open.  Besides, it "should" work and does... on kernel

And yes, I have the "latest" (last time I checked) modutils (2.4.6).

Mr. Becker be hanged, this crap is BROKE!  If anyone has a clue as to how to
hack ne.c to autprobe more than one address #ifndef MODULE, I would
appreciate a hint.

Hardware is an ancient 486DX/100.  The ISA NICs are from an obscure company
called RPT Intergoups.  They still have the "YES! It runs with NetWare!"
stickers on them.

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