The Open Source Barrier

The Open Source Barrier

Post by Ku Karlovsk » Mon, 23 May 2005 03:05:02

> This, again, has its precident in communisim, since in order for the
> better communist system to exist, capitolisim had to be abolished.

As time goes by, the hyperbole from Sun becomes completely
indistinguishable from the hyperbole from Microsoft.

Quote:> The very bias of the Stallman followers is apparent when anyone who
> dares suggest that the two complement each other, and can live side by
> side, is pounced on as in this thread.

The very bias of Sun employees is immediately apparent.

Quote:> In my opinion, the open source movement has been hijacked by people like
> this.

I think you should call the GPL "a cancer".  That would help promote
acceptance of your opinion and cement Sun's position as a Microsoft

The Open Source Barrier

Post by Jeff_Rel » Mon, 23 May 2005 09:39:19

Hi  Ku_Karlovsky, Scott_Moore, Gerry_Quinn, and  Darwinist,

First of all, is Scott_Moore DrSquare/Mike_Cox ?

Anyways... I agree with Scott,
today's systems, both government and computers, are a mixture
of anarchy, socialism, captialism, physicalism, etc.

By the way, physicalism is what most people mean when they say:  atheism.
It is defined here, and I made a tiny contribution to that page:

Ku_Karlovsky is paranoid of corporatioins, no doubt.
He probably thinks Bill_Gates himself is looking through his window.

Sole's Pawn_in_the_Game_2 is playing right now:
Here's a good counter_culture, anti_war MP3 for Ku_Karlovsky,
Beautiful_People's cover of Jimi_Hendrix's If_6_Was_9: