Keymapping On Solaris

Keymapping On Solaris

Post by Jo Desme » Fri, 19 Jul 1996 04:00:00


I am working on Solaris with CDE on top of it. For reasons of
remote logging in on vax/vms I try to remap some keys. but
with remapping F5 to F19 and F8 to F20, I'v encountered some
problems: F18 and F20 seems to act as SunCopy and SunPaste wathever
I have tried to do, thats: using xmodmap, modifying the keysymtable
to make sure that Copy and Paste keys on Sun keyboard generates their
own code, without using F18 and F19, modifyin Dtterm.
So my insperation is dried up, what should I do next?

any help will be highly appreciated,
Jo Desmet


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distro: RH6.2

i changed my keyboard layout by manually modifying
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xwindows, the keyboard reverts to its old bad layout. Any ideas?


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