Repeating mail messages on Solaris

Repeating mail messages on Solaris

Post by Maged E. Shake » Thu, 18 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Hi ..

I have the following problem:

when sending messages to a list of users having  mail quota on a Sun
(Solaris 2.5) running sendmail v8, users receive duplicates (10's or
100's) of the same message.
Is it a problem of sendmail or the mail quota..

Help is appreciated .. Thanks in Advance



1. MMDF & uucp Mail repeating and repeating and .............

Do you have Release 5.0.0, or 5.0.2?

If the former, you should install Release Supplement 5.0.0d (3 volumes, as
opposed to the single diskette in the box) and Network Supplement 1.0.0.

Release 5.0.2 already incorporates the changes of those two Supplements.
If you've got the Free Unix CD-ROM, you've got release 5.0.2.

If you need the Supplements, find them on SCO's www|ftp site, or in
SCOFORUM on CompuServe.


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