problems accessing Seagate ST15230N Hawk4 4GB

problems accessing Seagate ST15230N Hawk4 4GB

Post by Phil Schwar » Tue, 31 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I have just installed, re-installed, re-re-installed, etc... etc... a
Seagate Hawk4 ST15230N 4 GB SCSI-2 hard drive to my Solaris x86 v2.4
system.  Everything appears to be fine (I was able to fdisk, fmthard and
newfs the drive) except when I copy (tar or move) files to it, the system
just hangs after a brief bit of successful transferring.  ie, If I am
copying 10 files of various sizes to it, it copies some of the files and
locks up after some them were transferred.  If I hit Ctrl-C, it will
sometimes break after a few minutes, other times I have to kill the
login shell process.  

The system has atleast 24 meg of RAM and an Adaptec 1540/2 family
controller.  Other devices connected to this bus are an internal SCSI
drive (presumably SCSI-1), and external SCSI drive, an external SCSI-2
CD-ROM drive and the new Segate drive (external SCSI-2).  I eliminated
the other external drive from the bus (so that all of the external
devices are SCSI-2, but the problem still exists-- I cannot remove the
internal drive from the bus because it is the boot drive and contains the /

Any ideas as to what the problem is?  I low-level formatted the drive
after I experienced these problems and ran hardware & software
verification utilities on the drive and it appears to be fine.  Solaris
is doing something whacky w/ this drive.  Do I need to add another
adaptec controller and move this new drive to it (if that is the case,
does it matter that the external interface cable is SCSI-1 and the drive
itself is SCSI-2)??  

I'm stumped on this... If somebody can provide any insight, I'd
appreciate any solutions.


Phil Schwartz


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