dial-up modem to login

dial-up modem to login

Post by Daniel Stenbe » Thu, 18 Jul 1996 04:00:00


Having used a dial-up modem on our old SunOS 4.1.1 machine I wanted to
move the modem to let the dial-up come right in on our Solaris 2.5
machine. Thus, it worked great on the sunos, doesn't work now.

I simply can't make it work.

From my Solaris-machine:

(dast)metal:~>pmadm -l
PMTAG          PMTYPE         SVCTAG         FLGS ID       <PMSPECIFIC>
zsmon          ttymon         ttyb           u    root     /dev/term/b - -
/usr/bin/login - 9600 ldterm,ttcompat ttyb login:  - vt100 y  #Modem -
endast inkommande
zsmon          ttymon         ttya           u    root     /dev/term/a - -
/usr/bin/login 120 9600 ldterm,ttcompat login:  - vt100 n  #Modem - endast

I've managed to connect a local terminal via a null-modem but can't get
that to go Terminal Ready (and then the modem won't auto-answer) and if
I've managed to enable TR and the modem has answered, I haven't got any
"login:" prompt... I've tried both of them ports above (a and b).

The "help text" in admintool for this is lousy (and using weird
english-swedish terms I've never heard of before)...

PLEASE HELP! Any help will be appriciated and please Cc: followups to my


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