automount locking

automount locking

Post by Peter Maurice-Jon » Thu, 18 Aug 1994 16:26:09


On our solaris 2.3 machine I keep getting the following messages :

Aug 16 17:00:07 solar automountd[1462]: No network locking on bear : contact admin to install server change

where "bear" is running 4.1.3

and "solar" is runing 2.3

Please could someone point me our whats happening here and if I can do
anything about it .



1. automount: no network locking on host question

Hello -

thanks to the FAQ, I'm able to have a better understanding as to why
I get the constant message to the console "automountd: No network locking
on host: etc..."

I followup question to this.  Would the detection of this condition,
and the display of the message of the console, significantly slow things
down, as the automounter goes about its business?  When changing directories,
or accessing a server on that same host, it seems like an unreasonable
amount of time passes, the evil message is blurted to the console, and then
what ever service I requested of the NFS server completes.

thanks for any insights you can give.  I'm running 2.3 on a Sparc 10.

        -- Todd

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