PPP setup

PPP setup

Post by Gail Joon A » Wed, 29 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Dear all;

I have a Sun Sparc 5 at school and PC at home
and each system has modem.
I would like to connect to the school through the modem from home.
So I think I need to set up PPP connection between Sparc and PC.

Is there any material which I should refer to?
Any comments will be appreciated.



PPP setup

Post by John Tis » Wed, 29 Jul 1998 04:00:00

load the systems admin answerbook it has good step by step for ppp


1. ppp setup on 1.2.X / printer setup

Hi everyone:

I am running Slackware Linux (kernel 1.2.3) at home with XFree86 3.2
and I have 2 problems:

(1)  I can't figure out how to setup ppp properly.  I tried various
      combinations... the modem dials... connects but the connection
      fails even though I used (ogin: myloginname  ssword: mypsswd).
        a.  what are the necessary binaries (chat, pppd, ...)?
        b.  what is the functional ppp-on script that I would write?
        c.  what is the functional ppp-off script that I would write?
        d.  what else is required (resolv.conf, etc.)?
        e.  BTW, I downloaded Mosaic 2.7b5 yesterday

(2)  How do you setup an HP Deskjet 682 printer to print
      properly under linux (text and X-windows)?
      Right now, it just prints one straight line for everything I print.

Thanks in advance.


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