Read Macintosh format cdrom from SunOS cdrom drive?

Read Macintosh format cdrom from SunOS cdrom drive?

Post by Steve Mey » Wed, 01 Feb 1995 08:01:33

I hope this is the right group to ask this question.  I have an Apple
Macintosh cdrom that I would like to read from my Sparc (SunOS 4.12).
I mounted the cdrom as usual using "mount -r -t hsfs /dev/sr0 /cdrom"
assuming High Sierra format and it worked.  But doing "ls -a /cdrom" did not
list anything.  I think the format is HFS instead of HSFS.  I tried -t hfs
and mount returned an error. Is there any way to read such a cdrom from
a Sparc possibly using some driver?
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hello every body,

could someone help me please ?

my probleme is that i would like to use a drive that
is formatted on my Indyunix station with my Macintosh.

Is this possible ?

Or is the read from my unix station of a Macintosh formatted
drive possible ?

Nice to send me help via e_mail !



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