Bus Error during install of Solaris 10 s10_58 x86

Bus Error during install of Solaris 10 s10_58 x86

Post by Gary Mil » Sun, 11 Jul 2004 12:10:50

I've tracked this problem down a bit.  It seems to be devfsadmd that
dies with a bus error.  It's run like this:

        /usr/lib/devfsadm/devfsadmd -r /tmp -p /tmp/root/etc/path_to_inst

from the install-discovery script.  Is this a known problem?  The next
thing that happens is that the sysid-setup script terminates when it
tries to do `cd /dev/fbs', because that directory does not exist.
Could this problem be related to the first one?

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1. Problem during install solaris 10 x86

I would like install Solaris 10 x86 on a pc that currently has W2K on
it. (I have a partition C-w2k,D-prg,E-data ,F-free).
I am attempting the installation on a PC without a floopy drive and it may
be part of my problem.  I am installing it booting off of the cd created
from the downloaded iso.
But when my pc boot and start the cd configuration, i have this error
<bootdev>: a: disk read error sector 2640

What can I do?
Which step i must to do for installing corretcly Solaris?
Thank's and regards

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