Having problems with in.telnetd

Having problems with in.telnetd

Post by Ghost in the Machi » Thu, 26 Jan 1995 11:57:11

I am running Solaris 2.3 on a Sun Sparcserver 10, with 64 Megs.

I am operating 48 modem lines into Digiboard portserver 16s  set to telnet into
the host machine.

I have two smaller servers (I486s) as my news [NNTP] server, and nameservice,
gopherservice, and other fiddly-bits.

We seem to have a couple of problems for which patches are readily available,
but I'm unable to determine which ones, or where to find them?

Firstly, we are seeing 100% CPU and 4-16 load averages.
(This appears to be because of the in.telnetd consuming upwards of 80% of the
system, according to 'top'.)

Secondly, we have experienced the utmpd running WAY out of control (70+%) for
hours, until we kicked it ;-)

This second item should have been cleared up by the Jumbo-patch we recently
installed on our machine.

or in this group.

If you happen to have the patches sitting around, and some docs on them, please