Running X app after X starts before dt runs

Running X app after X starts before dt runs

Post by Sanjaya Wileratne web maste » Sun, 11 Mar 2001 08:17:48

Can any one help me with this Solaris question ?

I want to run an extra authentication program after the user has been
authenticated. I don't know whether to run this. I cannot run it in
/usr/dt/config/Xstartup because this auth module

Can someone give a solution to this?



1. How do I start FVWM with windows and apps running?

Thanks so much for help with this, I tried to RTFM and became gravely

I have X-windows running and I use FVWM on Red Hat 5.2.

Everytime I restart my computer (for Y2K hardware tests, powerfailure,
etc) I have to go this clumsy manual procedure of restarting all my
favorite windows and applications.

I would like to Open 6 windows in the 8 desktops that FVWM provides.

    What is the file to edit? I have tried putting "xterm..." in xinitrc
and I get everything piled up on one desk top.

    Could you show me how to open an xterm in Row 1 Window 2 and start
"tail -v /var/log/messages" for example? And then keep the window if I
control-C the tail program to watch something else?

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