installing new os

installing new os

Post by Jim Master » Thu, 07 Jun 2001 08:51:05

I have a SPARCstation and I need to use a floppy disc to install a sparc
linux distro. the problem I am running into is that I cant get the floppy
recognized on boot up. I do have a nic in the machine and have a dhcp server
on my network. I need to know how I can go about getting Solaris to find my
dhcp server so I can use it on my network or how I can get the floppy to be
recognized so I can install a new OS.

Any help would be great.



1. Need to wipe a SparcStation and install new OS

  Fair warning first.  I am a Sun newbie, and this is my first Sun box to
play with...

  Here's what I need to do.  I have a Sun SparcStation 5, and I want to
load Solaris 7 on it.  It currently does not have a CD-ROM drive, this I
am working on.  I am using a null modem connection to serial A, using
TeraTerm Pro.  When the system boots up, it eventually gets to a "gsd1%"
prompt.  Often it will also display many lines of random ASCII
characters.  It also reports SunOS Release 4.1.3_U1

  Here's my big question.  If I put in either a Solaris 7 Sparc version
install CD, or a Sun Configuration Assistant floppy, will it boot from
that?  If I try to key in "boot [whatever]" at the above prompt, I get
access denied.  I had thought that based on the description in the eBay
auction I got the SparcStation from, it would have a blank hard drive,
this does not seem to be the case.

  As you can tell, I am not familiar with how these machines operate, but
am looking to learn.

Thank you,
Jason A.
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