need to modify routing;please help

need to modify routing;please help

Post by jack_1.. » Fri, 11 Aug 2000 04:00:00

When i do "netstat -rn" (sslo 2.6), i see an entry like:  UG  0   0

And i like to delete this entry. Whatever i do it gives me error.

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Sorry for the cross-posting -- but I really need you help!

Dear Guys,

nsswitch reads to translate hostnames just by "files". host.conf too....

"route add -host anyhost dev anydev"

wants to talk to the name server..... I straced it... and it really
queries bind for anyhost and nothing more..... although libnss_files
gets loaded, afterwards libns_dns gets loaded.

"ping anyhost" does NOT behave like this... it just uses files as it

Does anyone know why route always uses dns!? Is this a bug perhaps, or a
bug in the resolver.... this behavior appears only with route of SuSE
Linux -gt 6.0.

btw: does anyone know why ifconfig modifies the routing table if you set up a new
device?! for instance

 ifconfig ippp4 dstaddr

yields a route in the kernel to dev ippp4. Isn't that strange!?

thank you in advance,

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