REQ HELP : Solaris printing to remote printers via DLC

REQ HELP : Solaris printing to remote printers via DLC

Post by Simon Milbu » Wed, 25 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Hi folks,

I have to resolve a printing issue for one of our customers.  I need to be
that are defined on an NT 3.51 (soon to be NT4) server, where communications
to the printers is done via DLC (data link control) protocol.  The network

out with this situation please ?

Any advice/help/guiding light is greatly appreciated.


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1. HELP: Printing on remote printer via TCP/IP

I'm writing a piece of web-based software that is going to be used in a
doctor's in the area.  I need to be able to print from our remote server
directly to the postscript printer located in the doc's office.  I've been
told that this is possible, but not how to do it. ;)

Here's the setup:  Our server (with Linux/Apache/Perl/PHP) is off site (in
another state) and has a static IP address.  The doc's office is local and
is running a LAN, on which all of the computers and the printers have static
IP addresses relative to the LAN.  That is, they are all of the format
151.0.0.XXX (including the printer, which is  If it matters,
the printer is a HP LaserJet 5 connected to a HP JetDirect port.  I also
know the static IP address coming into the LAN's router- for discussion
let's say it's "".

I have almost no experience printing with Linux CLI (nor have I been able to
test any of this yet), so I'm just taking a stab at this from reading a
bunch of man pages.  My guess it that the first thing I need to do is set
the router in the doc's office to point a specific unused port (let's say
port 55) at the printer's local IP address.  Then I use lpr to send the
print job to the printer with syntax similar to:

lpr -P215.123.123.123:55

Am I on the right track?  Is lpr the right command to be using?  Is there
any authentication that I can set up so that only my server can print to the
printer?  Any help or references that you could point me to would be much
appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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