Unable to send mail

Unable to send mail

Post by CH » Tue, 20 Feb 2001 08:49:47

First thing to try is running, as root,
# newaliases

if this completes with no errors generated at the console or
/var/adm/messages, you may be good to go.

Quote:> Hi,

> There is a problem with the mail system on my solaris machine. I tried
> to send a mail from one user to another user within the system. However,
> the mail didn't go through. I checked the message log of the system. I
> saw the following message:

> Feb 16 05:42:40 db01 sendmail [2646] [ID 801593 mail.crit]
> NOQUEUE: SYSERR(root) : dbm map "Alias0": unsafe map file
> /etc/mail/aliases.

> Can anybody tell me what was wrong with the system? And how I can fix
> the problem? Any suggestions are welcome.

> Thanks,

> -- Chris