Cxterm patch file for solaris 2.3

Cxterm patch file for solaris 2.3

Post by Alex Y. Cha » Mon, 21 Nov 1994 10:51:01

I am in a hurry of compiling the cxterm for the Solaris 2.3 on a sparc 5 machine. I remembered someone in this list posted the location of this patch file a few months ago, but I cannot recall it. Is there anyone that could show me when I can get this patch file?  Your input will be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advanced.



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Hi all,

We are attempting to link up two Solaris 2.3 networks via PPP and we are
running into some problems.  The link initialy comes up and we are able to ping
both sides for about 30 seconds or so and then nothing.  Does anyone have a
clue what could be hapening? We are stumped here.


- Steve
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