DOOM net game with 2.3

DOOM net game with 2.3

Post by Martin Lavo » Thu, 29 Dec 1994 03:01:53

        Still no answers why DOMM net game is not running when using
sunxdoom under Solaris 2.3.

        Anybody knows why ???


Martin Lavoie
Centre de Recherche en Informatique Distribuee (CRID),
College militaire royal de Saint-Jean,
Richelain (Quebec), Canada.


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I've been trying to get linuxdoom to work over the inet, like
doom -net 1

And he types a line to connect to me... it sends out some packets, then
it gives a "Connection refused" and jumps back to the shell.
Is it possible to get doom to work over TCP/IP, or just IPX?

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