sendmail "OR" option bug? (Sol 2.3)

sendmail "OR" option bug? (Sol 2.3)

Post by Troy Caub » Fri, 17 Jun 1994 04:39:02

/var/mail is a soft link to a directory in a nfs mounted filesystem.
The standard subsidiary style is in place and it contains
the "OR" option.

On our 4.1.3 systems, this causes everything to be immediately
passed up to the mailhost without canonicalizing the addresses
or anything.  I can watch the SMTP transfer using

But on my Solaris 2.3 system (with the Recommended patches),
it SMTP's directly to the 'otherhost'.

Is the "OR" option supposed to send everything to the mailhost
(if /var/mail is a remote mount?)?  Is this a 2.3 bug or a
different sendmail variation or what?

Thanks for any help,