skipping system dump : no dump device configured. Rebooting...

skipping system dump : no dump device configured. Rebooting...

Post by simi » Sun, 13 Aug 2000 04:00:00

After skipping the installation CD and using part 1 of 2, I get a little

What that means I have no idea, but more importantly I now get the Boot
args: kernel/unix.

The screen changes and give me the option for jumpstart installation or one

The screen then outputs more text with:

skipping system dump : no dump device configured. Rebooting...

the machine then restarts.

Any help most appreciated, Steve

Quote:> Hi,

>     I am new to the unix enviroment and have purchased Solaris 8 from Sun.
> have followed the instructions that came with the media but still cannot
> the install working.

>     I boot from CDROM and the normal sequence begins as per the docs. The
> configuration assistant runs up ok. The hardware config data is all listed
> after the detection, then I press F2.

>     After this a prompt appear with options to enter interpretter mode
> {press i}, another mode with another option (also prompts for file
> ??), or enter for default.

>     I have tried all 3 options, the end result is that no "dump location -
> restaring system" occurs and the system restarts.

>     Under Boot path: the default location is fine.

>     The Boot args: which should be "kernel/unix" is blank.

>     I had Linux on the partition originally and tried installing over the
> top, no joy. I then used my NT boot disk set and deleted the partitions
> created 1 single partition and formated it with FAT16. I have also tried
> with the one partition and not formated (I suppose the norm).

>     Please can anyone help me?

>     Many thanks, Steve


1. unix dump: dumped twice to same dumpfile; restore if file displays only last dump

-rw-r--r--    1 root     root     554221568 Nov 22 16:07 /mnt/cc/cc

restore > ls
.:              grub/                   map  kernel.h                message
boot.0300               kernel.h-2.4.8          os2_d.b
boot.b                  lilo                    us.klt
chain.b                 lilo-graphic/           vmlinuz
config                  lilo-menu/              vmlinuz-2.4.8-26mdk
config-2.4.8-26mdk      lilo-text/

That's a mighty big filesize for /boot which i know to be 23 MB.
So i must assume that the first dump (of / ) is still there.
But restore only lets me see the latest dump (on top of that "layer")

Anyone ever encounter this and recover the first dump?

cave jabberwockum

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