NcFTP for Solaris probs

NcFTP for Solaris probs

Post by Suresh Rajagopal » Tue, 27 Sep 1994 10:04:30


We just compiled NcFtp for Solaris, it works fine, except that
after you connect to a ftp host, and do a "ls" the prompt
disappears. If I do a set prompt at that point, I get it, until
I do a ls again, and it goes away.  Other commands like cd or pwd
keep the prompt intact.

I've defined the prompt in bothe the default and in the .netrc file.

Any help would be appreciated

- Suresh

Suresh Rajagopalan

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field is --:--, and the file was created yet it is 0 bytes.  mget * doesn't
do anything.

does anyone have any ideas what the problem may be?  every once in a while i
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there something in the kernel that needs to be turned on that I may have

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