Weekly SunFlash August 21st, 1995

Weekly SunFlash August 21st, 1995

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SunFlash 80.w2

                   Weekly SunFlash August 21st, 1995

August 1995        John J. McLaughlin, Editor/Publisher    fl...@flashback.com

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   * 80.13: SunSoft To Offer Native OpenGL
   * 80.14: Solstice Backup 4.1.2
   * 80.15: New SunSoft President: Janpieter Scheerder
   * 80.16: SolarNet PC-X 1.1
   * 80.17: SolarNet PC Protocol Services 1.1
   * 80.18: SolarNet PC Server Services 1.1
   * 80.19: STEP UP TO SUN Trade In Program
   * 80.20: Oracle and SunSoft Team Up


80.13 SunSoft To Offer Native OpenGL

     Mountain View, Calif., August 8, 1995 -- SunSoft, Inc. today announced it
     will be providing a native OpenGL implementation on Solaris (tm) to run on
     SPARC, Intel and PowerPC platforms as a unified, cross-platform graphics
     environment. The OpenGL application programming interface (API) is a 2D
     and 3D graphics API which SunSoft is licensing from Silicon Graphics, Inc.
     Sun is a leading graphics vendor dominating in established markets such as
     mechanical computer aided design, architecture and engineering, and
     financial analysis. By offering the OpenGL API, SunSoft will extend its
     graphics offerings, increase access to new markets such as animation,
     simulation and virtual reality, and offer traditional markets the ability
     to simplify their programming by using a common API. OpenGL on Solaris
     availability is expected in Summer 1996.

80.14 Solstice Backup 4.1.2

     Sun Microsystems Computer Company (SMCC) announces Solstice Backup 4.1.2,
     a family of products delivering the best data protection for heterogeneous
     computing environments. Solstice Backup ensures consistent, reliable data
     protection, reducing the cost of administration and minimizing backup

     This enterprise-wide backup and recovery solution supports the widest set
     of network operating systems and desktop operating systems on the market.

80.15 New SunSoft President: Janpieter Scheerder

     MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - August 15, 1995 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. (SMI)
     today announced that Jon Kannegaard, 44, president of SunSoft has chosen
     for personal reasons to step down from his current position. Sun also
     announced that Janpieter Scheerder, currently the vice president and
     general manager of Sun Microsystems Computer Company's (SMCC) Network
     Servers and Information Products Group, has been named his replacement.
     These changes are effective immediately.

80.16 SolarNet PC-X 1.1

     Sun Microsystems Computer Company (SMCC) introduces SolarNet PC-X 1.1 PC
     X-server software. This product enables graphical Solaris (TM) operating
     system and other UNIX applications to be displayed on and controlled from
     a PC running Microsoft Windows. Now, both local and remote PC users can
     simply point and click on desktop icons to access UNIX applications

80.17 SolarNet PC Protocol Services 1.1

     Sun Microsystems Computer Company (SMCC) introduces SolarNet PC Protocol
     Services 1.1 (PPS) software for the Solaris operating environment.
     SolarNet PC Protocol Services provides a networking protocol for Solaris
     servers, compatible with NetWare protocol. This software allows unmodified
     NetWare client users to access Solaris applications and databases
     transparently. Using SolarNet PC Protocol Services 1.1, Solaris
     applications appear as native NetWare applications to the NetWare client
     community. SolarNet PC Protocol Services 1.1 eliminates the traditional
     limitation of a single architecture to deliver applications to the
     enterprise community.

80.18 SolarNet PC Server Services 1.1

     Sun Microsystems Computer Company (SMCC) introduces SolarNet PC Server
     Services 1.1 (PSS) software. SolarNet PC Server Services 1.1 is the
     industry's first truly scalable LAN server software and is compatible with
     NetWare 2.x, 3.x and 4.x clients. It integrates transparently with current
     installations of NetWare, without the need to modify existing servers,
     clients or installed network software. Native NetWare users gain full
     access to applications, and file and print services based on the Solaris
     operating environment.

80.19 STEP UP TO SUN Trade In Program

     Sun Microsystems Computer Company (SMCC) announces new "Step Up To Sun"
     HP/UX 9 to Sun Think Again Migration Program offering:

        o Accredited Migration Partners Program to provide migration support to
          customers moving from Hewlett-Packard to Sun

        o SunService multi-vendor, multi-platform support to enable single
          vendor support of HP and Sun (TM) machines throughout the migration

        o HP/UX 9 to Solaris (TM) 2 Migration Guides (System Admin Guide
          available in mid-August, Software Porting Guide available in early

        o Specific competitive upgrades with excellent trade-in value for HP
          servers returned to Sun

80.20 Oracle and SunSoft Team Up

     Application Server Solution Offered in Business Alliance Formed Between
     Leading OS and Leading Applications Provider

     Mountain View, Calif., August 14, 1995 -- Oracle, Corp. and SunSoft, Inc.,
     today announced a breakthrough in productivity for growing businesses and
     the computer resellers who serve them. By making available Oracle
     Applications Release 10.5 on Solaris x86, these industry leaders have
     substantially cut the time and money required to develop and deploy a
     tailored business information system.


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