Solaris 10 installation - No such file or directory?

Solaris 10 installation - No such file or directory?

Post by phalco » Mon, 12 Dec 2005 20:19:15

Greetings Solaris Wizards,

This is my first time downloading Solaris 10 x86 and I have no luck
with the installation. The system enters an infinite loop after the
"Requesting System Maintancence Mode"-text appears in the console
during installation. I've found another thread about this at Sun's
forums*** but none of the clues posted there got me any further.


I have md5-checked the DVDr and the CDs and I have also burned another
copy of the DVDr and CD1 on my friends burner just to make sure that
theres nothing wrong with my dvd-burner.

As I was saying, these errors shows up right after the part where you
1) select one out of four options (doesn't matter which one you choose,
all gives the same errors) or
2) just let the "choose installation-type"-question timeout and select
(what i think is...) the default (the first (1) of the four options).

"Requesting System Maintenance Mode"
"(See /lib/svc/share/README for more information.)"
"Console login service(s) cannot run"
"svc.startd: Could not exec() sulogin: No such file or directory"

The systems that I've tried but failed to install solaris on, is an AMD
Athlon 1700 and an Intel pentium 3, 800mhz, both with 512mb memory.

Any clues?
Thanks, phalcos.