Install Solaris 2.4 on Seagate ST32151N

Install Solaris 2.4 on Seagate ST32151N

Post by Simon Kwon » Wed, 17 Jul 1996 04:00:00

When I try to install solaris 2.4 on a external Seagate hardisk
(ST132151N) from CDROM, the following error was shown when the
installation program trying to create default partitions:

Error for command 'write'    Error level:Retryable
Requested block 8, Error block=191528
Sense Key: Aborted Command
ASC = 0x47 (scsi parity error), ASCQ=0x0, FRU=0x3
(similar error messages repeated .....)

This Seagate hardisk was orginally formated for our SGI system, So I use
the 'format' command to reformat the disk after my first attempt to
install Solaris 2.4 was failed (with the error message shown above).
The format process completed successfully. However, re-install after
format also resulted with the same error messages.

when running 'probe-scsi', the Seagate hardisk shows up correctly as
target 5 (scsi id 5).

At the moment. I am running out of option!!!! Any help and suggestion
would be highly appreciated.

Simon Kwong