Q:Socket bind

Q:Socket bind

Post by Maast » Sat, 09 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Running on Sol 2.4. Why does the socket hang around after both the server
and clients have been killed off? It takes about 3 min before you can
restart the server, that is assuming that you keep using the same port. Is
there some way to get around this?




1. using bind() to bind socket to device

  I'm interested in binding a socket to a device, and have looked at
the pcap source code. In pcap-linux.c, a generic socket address
stucture is used, and a string containing the name of the device to
use is placed in the data portion.  This address structure is then
used in the call to bind.  This seems odd to me and I haven't figured
out from the sock man page why this would work.  The packet man page
suggests using a sockaddr_ll structure, which contains the hardware
address of the device, in the call to bind.  Any idea why this first
method which seems bizzarre to me, would work?

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