csa_ (calendar services) functions

csa_ (calendar services) functions

Post by Kyler Lai » Fri, 31 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I've been thrilled to find that Solaris 2.5 includes
an API for calendar services.  I've been using a
hacked version of cm_lookup to provide HTTP access to
calendars for quite awhile.  Although it's darn handy,
it leaves a lot to desire.

So...I'm cruising through all of the docs I can find
for csa_ functions and I keep running across
references to "extensions."  I'm wondering what powers
these extensions hold.

The main thing that I want to do is allow composite
calendars.  A user's calendar should consist of several
calendars including his own.  This will allow groups to
schedule events and have them appear automatically in
all members' calendars.

I'm thinking about just setting up a daemon that will
monitor group calendars (using callback functions) and
add/modify events on the calendars of all members'
calendars, but it would be much nicer if they could
integrate more easily.  (Synchronization is such a

Suggestions?  Pointers?




csa_ (calendar services) functions

Post by Richard Goldste » Fri, 31 Jan 1997 04:00:00

   Newsgroups: comp.unix.solaris
   Date: 30 Jan 1997 23:05:28 GMT
   Organization: Purdue University

   I've been thrilled to find that Solaris 2.5 includes
   an API for calendar services.  I've been using a
   So...I'm cruising through all of the docs I can find
   for csa_ functions and I keep running across
   references to "extensions."  I'm wondering what powers
   these extensions hold.

I wish you loads of luck trying to make heads or tails
of the existing CSA documentation, without the calendar
manager source handy 8^(  I used it to create a little
daemon that fires off your reminders even though calendar
manager isn't running; email me if you want a copy.


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1. WebEvent 3.04 released - Web Calendar, CGI Calendar, WWW Calendar

Cameron Consulting announces the availability of WebEvent 3.04 for
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  * multiple calendar views (year, month, week, day,event)
  * multiple calendar formats (calendar and list)
  * event types (meetings, to-dos, special events)
  * repeating events
  * event reminders
  * searchable calendars
  * meta-calendars (ability to combine two or more calendars
    on the fly.)
  * source code

WebEvent 3.04 requires either a UNIX or NT server running a Web server
that supports PERL CGI scripts and can communicate with an SMTP host
for e-mail reminders and notification.

Cost is $400 for a single host, unlimited users, 5 calendar license and
$800 for a single host, unlimited users and calendars license. Non-profit
and educational institutions receive a 50% discount.  Site licenses are
also available.

For information, or to download a free fully-functional, evaluation for
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