third button event using 2 button mouse

third button event using 2 button mouse

Post by Shobana Venkataram » Wed, 07 Dec 1994 00:42:51

We are running 2.4 of Solaris-x86 on INTEL box. We have a microsoft
2 button mouse. The two buttons generate button1 and button2 events.
Verified it by running xev under /usr/openwin/demo. Our GUI application
needs button1 and button3 events. I have problem getting a button3
event using the mouse. I called the Solaris technical support and
they told me that I have to use XXsetPointerMapping in our code
to map button2 to button3. We run our application on lot of platforms
including Unixware which has 2 button mouse. The default for unixware
is button1 and button3 events.

Anyone ever had this problem before? Any ideas on how to generate
third button event using the mouse, without changing our code fully.


Shobana Venkataraman


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Under gpm it functions on the newer pnp type, it sends a M on opening
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