TeX - standard installation under solaris ?

TeX - standard installation under solaris ?

Post by Fabian Monro » Sat, 25 Feb 1995 02:00:45

Hi all,
        I would like to install Tex on my machine but
rather than putting it in /usr/local I would like to
put it in /opt since I expect it will be exported to
other machines. As I understand it /opt is always local
to a machine so exporting should not be a problem. In
any case my delima is where should I put tex to be
consistent with the standards on solaris : Is
it unusual to put it under /opt/TeX ? Is there
any reasons why I shouldn't put it there ?



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Hello all!

I have a Sparc 5 with Solaris 2.6 on it here. Because the standard CDE
needs a lot of resources i want to install another window manager.
I got ctwm compiled and ready but i don't know how or where i have to
put some entries in to get this window manager displayed and correct
started out of the xdm login where i can choose between cde and
Can please anyone give me a hint, a link on the web where i could find
some informations? I have tried to find something about this at Sun's
homepage but haven't found anything yet.
Thank's a lot for any help!


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