remote dailup printing on the remote site

remote dailup printing on the remote site

Post by Dale » Thu, 14 Nov 1996 04:00:00

please help, is it possible the telnet software enable to let you do the remote
dailup printing to the host solaris 2.4 on the remote site, using windows95.
what should i do? configure the host or client? any telnet software can we use?



1. problems with remote printing under AIX 3.2 (and other remote access problems)

I just installed AIX 3.32 on my R6000/320 and though the install went
smoothly, the R6000 no longer allows remote (tcp/ip) access to the printer.  I
did a "complete overwrite install" and then went through and
configured the network and the remote printer access, and have
rebooted several times, stopped started lpd, etc., but I always get
the message: "your host does not have line printer access" back from
the R6000.  Printing works OK from the R6000, and interestingly, the
"on" command" works from the remote host and I can type "on ___ lpr "
and the R6000 does print then.  I tried both fully qualified and just
the hostname in the /etc/hosts.lpd file.  I am trying to print from a
Sun running 4.1.1 as well as other hosts that use BSD style printer
addressing.  Before the upgrade, remote printing worked fine.  

Another strange (related?) feature is that when I type "rsh" from the
remote host I get "Login incorrect." whereas rsh used to work.  It
sounds to me like the network authentication has been messed with.
One last (related?)  problem is that I can't get the R6000 to act as a
pcnfs server (after taking the comment out of /etc/inetd.conf) whereas
it used to work as a pcnfs server before.

  Any ideas?

  Ron Cohen
  Geophysical Laboratory
  Carnegie Institution of Washington

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