Solaris character set

Solaris character set

Post by Ravi Kals » Fri, 11 Jun 1999 04:00:00


How do I determine which character set a solaris (2.6) server is
currently using?

Also, Is it possible to change the default character set of a solaris
server? If so, how?




1. Character set assigments (Re: How do I display IBM PC characters?)

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  is terminal (or terminal emulation) issue. ]

?: I'm trying to figure out how to display IBM PC characters.  I know it's
?: possible, but doing a simple printf() with the value gets it masked to
?: 7-bits, and when I tried ncurses, it put the wrong character up...  Any
?: pointers to more info on this?

?      Before you do your printf, print this: "\033(U" and it will switch
?to the DOS character set.  "\033(B" will switch back.  Or vice versa.

Just a comment (and some surprising notes :-))

These ESC ( U is guite odd code in standards view as
far I understands.  ESC ( assigns bank G0. And bank G0 is on accessible
in range 128-255. That is GR (right side; characters (128)160-255) can newer
point to to bank G0. Only to banks G1-G3.

It should be more understandable if code is
        ESC - A         Assing Latin/1 (area (128)160-255) to G1
        ESC - U         Assign DOS character set (area 128-255) to G1

But it isn't that way :-)

And codes 'ESC ( U', 'ESC ) U', 'ESC * U' and 'ESC + U' have already another
standard meaning (see later).

(both ESC - and ESC ) assigns G1 -- charset names are different.
 Hmm. ESC - can assign areas 160-255 (32-127),
 ESC ( can assign area 161-254 (33-126) -- yeas these are very confusing.)

By to way -- from where that ident "U" comes for DOS character set?
Just curious.

Oops. Letter "U" is reserved for Latin-greek-1 (iso-ir-27) according
of RFC 1345 (that is informal RFC).

RFC 1345 lists following codes:
        ESC ( U         Assigns iso-ir-27 to G0
        ESC ) U         Assigns iso-ir-27 to G1
        ESC * U         Assigns iso-ir-27 to G2
        ESC + U         Assigns iso-ir-27 to G3

RFC 1345 don't list codes
        ESC - U         Assign {something} (160-255 (32-127)) to G1
        ESC . U         Assign {something} (160-255 (32-127)) to G2
        ESC / U         Assign {something} (160-255 (32-127)) to G3

[ Hmm. Perhaps I comment some other issues later. ]

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