how to remove a lock from a locked file?

how to remove a lock from a locked file?

Post by W.R.Vo » Sun, 21 Aug 1994 00:30:35

I would like to lock files to allow multiple access
across a network of Decs and Suns, etc. I figure that
the fcntl call would be best since it does allow
NFS locking for both read and write. I have a small
program that tests the locking and for the most part
it works just fine. The problem that I'm having is
when I interrupt the program with a control/C. Is
stops but does not appear to release the lock. This
occurs in several other ways too. (quitting dbx while
a lock is in effect does it, seg faults, etc). I need
the lock to be released when the pgm terminates. I know
the man pages says that the lock is released, but the
next time I start the program, it waits for a lock
and never returns. I have to delete the file to release
the lock. The behaviour is the same on both Dec/Ultrix
4.2A and SunOs Sc2.0.1 so it doesn't appear to be a bug
in the OS (but maybe).

Does anyone out there in netland have an idea on why
this is occurring.

All your help is appreciated.


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