arithmetic exception

arithmetic exception

Post by Mark Kussero » Wed, 06 Dec 2000 04:00:00


I administer an  E450 running Solaris7. I do this in a xterm from a pc
running under linux (SuSE 7.0).
The "uptime" of the E450 is over one year. Since last week I get an
error message when i try to start the admintool.

         Arithmetic Exception    (core dumped) admintool

Can anybody tell me what to do to get admintool starting?




1. 26710 Arithmetic Exception - core dumped


I am running Mandrake linux 7.2 on my workstation at my desk and when I
telnet into a Solaris machine running the current-ish version of
admintool I get this error:

26710 Arithmetic Exception - core dumped

 Does anyone know what this error means?

The weird thing is that when I was running Redhat 6.1 on the linux side
this never happened.  On one of our older sun boxes running an older
version of admintool (the panels are way different and more numerous) -
it comes up fine.


Viva Linux!! Viva La Revolutin!

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